Prealbumin Blood Test

What is a prealbumin blood test?

A prealbumin blood test is a type of blood test used to measure the level of prealbumin, a protein found in the blood.

What is prealbumin?

Prealbumin is a transport protein that helps transport other substances including fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and musical fats throughout the body. It is also known as transthyretin, and it is produced in the liver. A low prealbumin level can indicate a variety of medical conditions including an underactive thyroid, protein malnutrition, and some liver diseases.

What is a prealbumin blood test used for?

A prealbumin blood test is often used to evaluate a person’s general level of nutrition and overall health. It is commonly ordered in patients who have:

  • Had recent surgery or trauma
  • A wasting disease or cachexia
  • A long-term illness
  • Malnutrition
  • HIV or AIDS

What is the preparation and procedure for the prealbumin blood test?

No special preparation is typically necessary for the prealbumin test. The test is typically done in a doctor’s office or hospital laboratory. A sample of blood is taken from a vein in the arm with a needle and sent to the lab for analysis. The results of the test are usually available in a few days.

What are the types of prealbumin tests?

The following types of prealbumin tests are available:

  • Total prealbumin
  • Free prealbumin
  • Prealbumin/albumin ratio

What are the risks of a prealbumin blood test?

The prealbumin test is generally considered to be a safe and reliable method for testing for prealbumin. As with any procedure that involves drawing blood, there is a small risk of infection or bleeding at the site of the needle prick.

When should you get a prealbumin blood test?

Your doctor may recommend a prealbumin blood test if you have a condition that is known to cause an abnormally low prealbumin level, such as malnutrition or HIV/AIDS. Your doctor may also order this test to monitor your nutritional status if you are undergoing treatment or have recently undergone surgery.

Why is a prealbumin blood test important?

A prealbumin blood test can provide valuable information about a person’s nutritional status and overall health. Low prealbumin levels can indicate malnutrition, which can weaken the body’s immune system and make it more prone to disease. By monitoring prealbumin levels, doctors can help ensure that their patients are getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy.