Ova and Parasite Test

What is an Ova and Parasite Test?

An Ova and Parasite (O&P) test is a laboratory procedure used to detect the presence of intestinal parasites in a sample of stool. It is commonly used to diagnose cases of intestinal infection caused by parasites.

Why is an Ova and Parasite Test necessary?

Intestinal parasites are a common cause of diarrhea and most of these parasites cannot be seen with the naked eye. An O&P test is necessary to detect the presence of these parasites and provide a definitive diagnosis in order to properly treat the infection.

When is an Ova and Parasite Test ordered?

An O&P test may be ordered by a physician if a patient has symptoms of gastrointestinal infection such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, or loss of appetite. It may also be ordered to monitor the effectiveness of a prescribed parasite treatment.

How do you prepare for an Ova and Parasite Test?

No special preparation is required for an O&P test. Your healthcare provider may ask you to abstain from consuming certain foods or beverages prior to collecting the sample. These may include dairy products, cabbage, apples, or caffeine.

What is the procedure for an Ova and Parasite Test?

A stool sample will be collected in a sterile container and sent to a laboratory for analysis. The stool sample is examined under a microscope for the presence of any eggs, larvae, cysts, or viable parasites. In some cases, additional testing may be necessary.

What are the different Types of Ova and Parasite Tests?

There are several different types of O&P tests, including:

  • Direct Smear: A small amount of stool is examined directly under a microscope. The sample is stained with a special dye to make it easier to identify the parasites.
  • Concentration Method: In this method, the contents of the stool sample are centrifuged to concentrate the parasites, which are then examined under a microscope.
  • Wood’s Lamp Test: A special ultraviolet light is used to detect the presence of parasites in the stool sample.
  • Molecular Tests: These tests use DNA analysis to detect the presence of parasites in the sample.

Are there any risks associated with an Ova and Parasite Test?

No, there are no risks associated with an O&P test. It is a non-invasive procedure that does not require any special preparation or impose any risks on the patient.