The Benefits of Moderating Your HTML Tags

When it comes to HTML coding, the golden rule is moderation in all things. HTML tags, which determine the structure and layout of a web page, should be used in moderation to create an effective and visually appealing website. It’s important to learn all about the basics of good HTML coding, but learning when and how to apply these elements really makes a difference.

What is Moderation in HTML?

Moderation is simply controlling the use of HTML elements, such as headings, blocks of text, lists, images, and many more. HTML tags should be applied sparingly and with appropriate targeting to ensure that layouts are kept neat and organized. When properly moderated, HTML tags can be used to create elegant, well-structured web pages.

The Benefits of Moderate HTML Tag Usage

Here are a few of the benefits of moderating HTML tags:

  • A more readable page: Moderation ensures that tags are used in combination with other HTML elements to create a page that is pleasant to look at and easy to navigate.
  • Efficient coding: A moderated use of tags makes it easier to troubleshoot code errors, as well as optimize the page for different browsers and devices.
  • Better SEO: Using tags appropriately will help search engine rankings because search bots can more easily index the content of the page.
  • More time savings: The time it takes to correct errors is significantly reduced when the markup is well-structured.

Pro-Tips for Moderating HTML Tags

Here are a few tips when moderating HTML tags:

  • Don’t overuse tags: Using unnecessary tags can make your page more cluttered and complicated.
  • Make sure tags are properly nested: Tags should follow the appropriate hierarchy; for example, an H2 tag should come before an H3, and an ordered list should be followed by a list item.
  • Stick to HTML best practices: Always use the latest HTML version to make sure everything works properly.
  • Optimize overtime: Take some time periodically to review your code and optimize it where necessary.


By moderating how HTML tags are used on a web page, web developers can create an effective, well-structured website that will be both easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. Taking the time and effort to optimize the page will pay dividends in the form of better SEO and a more secure site.