High risk

High Risk HTML Tag: HTML tags, like all programming language, can present risks in their application. Tags like



  • are prominent tags that can be misused and constitute a high risk when applied incorrectly. Before deciding how to use a HTML tag, it is important to understand the potential risks they can create. • Semantic Errors: HTML tags are used to format and structure text within a web page. They help the user interpret the content on the page by adding semantic meaning to it. If these tags are not used according to convention or when they are triggered in the wrong order or inappropriately, it can undermine the readability of the page and result in users failing to interpret the content correctly. • Reduced Accessibility: When HTML tags are used incorrectly, it can detract from a web page’s accessibility. For example, if a

    tag is used twice or more on a single page, this can complicate the page layout and reduce the page’s readability — particularly for those using screen readers. It’s also important to avoid using

    tags for purposes other than labeling a headline. Improperly applied tags can also increase the risk of screen readers not recognizing page landmarks correctly. • Enhancement of Malicious Code: Since HTML tags can be used to call external scripts, the misuse of certain tags can be used to trigger potentially malicious activities. Apps and plugins built with HTML tags can open users up to security threats and should be avoided. • Reduced Performance: When HTML tags are applied incorrectly, it can affect the performance of the page. For example, excessively using tags might lead to Google choosing to exclude certain content from the index, reducing the page’s visibility in search engine results. Additionally, poorly optimized tags can significantly slow down the loading times of a web page. To ensure that the risks posed by HTML tags are avoided, it’s important to use them correctly and assign the correct tags for each purpose, The purpose of a tag should be clear; if you decide to use a tag for a purpose it was not intended for, be sure it is applied correctly and isn’t overriding or conflicting with other tags attached to the page.