Infected eczema of the Eyelid

Infected Eczema of the Eyelid

Infected eczema of the eyelid, also known as allergic blepharoconjunctivitis or eyelid dermatitis, is a common type of eyelid inflammation. It is caused by an allergic reaction to substances that come in contact with the eyelids, such as dust, pollen, cosmetics, and certain medications.

  • Symptoms of infected eczema of the eyelid usually include:
    • Itchy, flaky, irritated, or reddened eyelids.
    • Blurred vision.
    • Crusting or scabbing of the eyelid.
    • Swelling of the eyelids.
    • Excessive tearing.
  • The diagnosis of infected eczema of the eyelid is usually made based on a physical examination of the eye and eyelids, as well as discussing the patient's history of allergies or sensitivities.
  • Treatment for infected eczema of the eyelid includes:
    • Avoidance of the allergen that caused the reaction.
    • Use of lubricating eye drops or warm compresses to soothe the itching.
    • Topical corticosteroids or antibiotic ointments.
    • Systemic antibiotics or antihistamines, if there is a signifcant infection.
  • In some cases, surgery may be needed to remove damaged skin from the eyelid.

If you think you may have infected eczema of the eyelid, it is important to consult with your doctor. He or she will be able to determine the best course of treatment for you.