Sulindac Sulfone

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Trade Name Sulindac Sulfone
Generic Exisulind
Exisulind Other Names Exisulind, Sulindac sulfone
Formula C20H17FO4S
Weight Average: 372.41
Monoisotopic: 372.083158364
Groups Investigational
Therapeutic Class
Available Country
Last Updated: September 19, 2023 at 7:00 am
Sulindac Sulfone
Sulindac Sulfone


Investigated for use/treatment in adenomatous polyposis coli, lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon polyps, Barrett's esophagus disease, and pediatric indications.

How Sulindac Sulfone works

Sulindac Sulfone is a sulindac derivative of a class of compounds called selective apoptotic anti-neoplastic drugs (SAANDs), which inhibit the enzyme cyclic guanosine monophosphodiesterase (cGMP - PDE). Sulindac Sulfone is specific for apoptotic effects in precancerous and cancerous colorectal cells due to their overexpression of cGMP. Sustained elevation of cGMP and protein kinase G (PKG) activation may be also implicated in the induction of apoptosis by Sulindac Sulfone.

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