Fluorescein eye stain

What is Fluorescein Eye Stain?

Fluorescein eye stain is a type of medical procedure used to detect conditions such as corneal abrasions, deficiencies of the tear film, and cuts in the cornea. This procedure involves the use of a fluorescent dye, which is applied to the eye and then illuminated by ultraviolet, or "black light."

Preparing for Fluorescein Eye Stain

Preparing for a fluorescein eye stain requires that the patient abstain from wearing contact lenses or eye makeup during the test. If the patient is wearing contact lenses, these must be removed prior to administration of the dye, as contact lens solution can interfere with the results. Instructions may be given for the removal of eye makeup and other eye products, depending on the individual case.

Procedure of Fluorescein Eye Stain

The procedure for a fluorescein eye stain involves the ophthalmologist or optometrist applying the dye to the eye with the use of an eyedropper. The dye is then illuminated using a "black light" or "ultraviolet" lamp. The color of the eye stain and its reflection on a lighted area will indicate where the problem may lie. The dye is then flushed out of the eye with a saline solution or eye drops.

Types of Fluorescein Eye Stain

Fluorescein Eye Stain comes in a few different forms. The most commonly used is sodium fluorescein, which is a yellow or orange dye that is applied to the eye and illuminated by light. There is also Fluorescein Diacetate, which is a fluorescent dye that is used to detect changes in the cornea.

Risks of Fluorescein Eye Stain

Fluorescein Eye Stain is generally a safe procedure with few risks. However, if not performed correctly, the dye can cause eye irritation and damage to the cornea. There is also a risk of temporary blurred vision and minor pain associated with the procedure.

Why Fluorescein Eye Stain is needed?

Fluorescein Eye Stain is needed to detect problems with the eyes which would otherwise be unseen. Conditions such as corneal abrasions or tear film problems may cause significant pain or discomfort, and they need to be identified and treated as soon as possible, which is why the procedure is performed.

When Fluorescein Eye Stain is Needed?

Fluorescein Eye Stain is usually done when there is suspected damage to or inflammation of the eye, such as an eye injury. It may also be needed to diagnose corneal dystrophies or infections, such as herpes in the eye.