Understanding Relapsed Drug Use

Relaxies drug use can be a difficult concept for family and friends of someone struggling with addiction. Relapsing is a common part of the recovery process, and there is hope for those who have experienced a recent relapse. There are many different factors at play when someone is attempting to overcome their addiction. It's important to understand what these are in order to properly support a loved one who may be having difficulty staying sober.

The Benefits of Relapsed Drug Use Recognition

Relapsed drug use is a sign that the person is having trouble managing the addiction they are facing. Acknowledging this difficulty can help the individual recognize their current level of substance use and alterations to their lifestyle they can make to maintain sobriety. This is a step in the right direction that can create a sense of ownership and control over the recovery process.

Beginning Steps for Relapsed Drug Use

The first step toward recovery for a person who has relapsed with drugs is to come to terms with the fact that they have made a mistake and are going to need help getting their drug use back under control. This is a difficult thing to do and can often be embarrassing or shameful, but by accepting this truth the individual can then begin to make the steps necessary to recover from the relapse.

Create a Recovery Plan

Once the individual identifies the relapse, they can move on to creating their own personalized recovery plan. This includes changes in lifestyle, such as avoiding triggers or associations with people and places where they may use drugs or alcohol. It’s also important to create a plan for finding support, whether that be a therapist, a support group, or a combination of the two.

Securing Support

Once a recovery plan has been created, the individual should look into other ways to secure support. This could be done through attending support meetings, contacting family and friends, or seeking out individual therapy for additional guidance. Having a strong network of supporters is essential to maintaining sobriety and can make a positive impact on someone’s recovery.

Reinvest in Healthy Habits

Reinvesting in healthy habits can help someone in recovery from relapsed drug use more adjust to often difficult lifestyle changes. These habits should be positive, achievable, and should help the individual focus on their growth and wellbeing. Examples of this could be getting adequate sleep, engaging in physical activity, or pursuing a hobby that gives them pleasure.


Relapses can be a difficult part of the journey to recovery, but with harsh realities comes great opportunity. By understanding the concept of relapsed drug use, creating a recovery plan, seeking support, and reinvesting in healthy habits, individuals can find the strength to recover and reclaim their lives.