Pregnancy Termination

Pregnancy Termination: Facts and Information

Pregnancy termination is a personal and difficult decision for any woman to make. It's important to know all of the facts and potential risks so that you can make an informed decision. No two pregnancies are alike, so understanding the process and potential risks associated with it is essential.

When faced with the choice of pregnancy termination, the following information can help guide a woman to the right decision.

What Is Pregnancy Termination?

Pregnancy termination is the end of a pregnancy due to either medical or elective reasons. It can take the form of a natural miscarriage, a planned abortion, or a medical procedure. Whatever the reason for the pregnancy termination, it is a personal choice and should be discussed with a healthcare professional.

Types of Pregnancy Termination

The two most common types of pregnancy termination include:

  • Medical Pregnancy Termination: A medical pregnancy termination may include the use of medications or medical devices to induce the end of a pregnancy. It is typically recommended in cases where the pregnancy is at risk to the health of the mother or the fetus.
  • Elective Pregnancy Termination: An elective pregnancy termination is a procedure that is selected by the woman and her partner. Elective procedures may include the use of medical abortion, the insertion of an intrauterine device (IUD), or the use of a surgical procedure to remove the fetus from the uterus.

Risks of Pregnancy Termination

No matter the type of pregnancy termination, there are always risks involved. Risks associated with pregnancy termination may include:

  • Infection of the uterus or other areas of the body
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Scarring of the uterus or other organs
  • Damage to the cervix or other organs
  • Damage to future fertility
  • Emotional distress


Making the decision to end a pregnancy is a difficult and complex decision. It is important to discuss the risks and benefits of each option with a healthcare professional and ask any questions that you may have in order to make an informed decision. For more information or support, please contact your physician or a pregnancy termination clinic.