Orbit CT scan


Understanding Orbit CT scan

Orbit CT scan is a type of radiographic imaging that produces detailed three-dimensional images of your eye orbit. It helps doctors diagnose and treat ocular and orbital pathologies, including diseases of the eye and its socket, the orbital cavity. The scan usually takes about 30 minutes and is performed without any radiation exposure. The procedure helps the doctor to diagnose or monitor the progress of the treatment, as well as for preventive checkups.

Preparation for the procedure

There is no special preparation required for an orbit CT scan. However, prior to the scan, you may need to get some information from your doctor. Since the scan produces radiation-free images, it is safe to use and is normally used for regular preventive checkups for people with ocular and orbital diseases.


During the procedure, the patient is asked to lie down on the CT scanner, with the part of the body being scanned exposed. The patient may be asked to hold their breath for a few seconds while the images are taken. The scan produces detailed three-dimensional views of the eye orbit and its structures. In the case of an emergency, the scan can produce accurate images in minutes, allowing for quicker diagnosis.

Types of Orbit CT scan

  • Multi-Slice Orbit CT Scan: This type of scan produces multiple images of the eye orbit and its structures in a fraction of a second. It produces more accurate and detailed images as compared to the conventional method.
  • Conventional Orbit CT Scan: This type of scan uses a rotating x-ray beam to obtain images of the face and orbit. It is usually used only in emergency situations


An orbit CT scan is a safe procedure and has no known risks. However, due to the high level of accuracy of the images produced, it may be able to detect minor issues that may not be serious. It is important to consult a doctor before taking any action based on the results of the scan.

When to Use Orbit CT scan?

Orbit CT scan is usually recommended when there are suspected ocular and orbital pathologies, such as diseases of the eye or its socket, tumors, eye trauma, congenital disorders, and other abnormalities in the eye orbit. It is also used to monitor the progress of the treatment for these conditions and for preventive checkups.

Why Should Orbit CT Scan Be Used?

Orbit CT scan produces detailed three-dimensional images of the eye orbit with high accuracy. It can detect even minor abnormalities, thus enabling early diagnosis and preventive measures. The procedure is quick and does not involve any radiation exposure, making it a safe and reliable imaging technique for ocular and orbital pathologies.