Lung needle biopsy

Lung Needle Biopsy

Lung needle biopsy is a procedure that involves the extraction of a sample of lung tissue. It is performed if a nodule or mass is found in the lungs during a chest scan or other imaging. A lung needle biopsy helps in diagnosing what caused the nodule or mass and in deciding what type of treatment is needed.

Preparation for Lung Needle Biopsy:

Before the procedure, the patient needs to inform the doctor about any medications or drugs being taken, any allergies and medical ailments that might be present. It is also necessary to inform the doctor about any previous surgeries or biopsies under anesthesia. The patient will be asked to fasting for 8 hours before the procedure. It is advisable to wear a comfortable dress while coming for biopsy.

Procedure of Lung Needle Biopsy:

The procedure is conducted under either local or general anesthesia, depending on the doctor’s advice. A long needle or an incision is created to get access to the lungs, and the sample of tissue is collected from the affected area using a large needle. If separate samples are required for diagnosis, more than one sample may be taken. The sample is then sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Types of Lung Needle Biopsy:

There are two types of lung needle biopsies:

  • Image-guided biopsy: This type utilizes the imaging scans to help in locating the target area for a sample.
  • Surgical or incisional biopsy: In this type, a larger incision is made to remove a larger piece of tissue.

Risks associated with Lung Needle Biopsy:

Some risks associated with a lung needle biopsy include infection, bleeding, injury of lung and airway, and fluid build-up around the lungs.

When to get a Lung Needle Biopsy:

When such signs and symptoms like fever, coughing, shortness of breath, chest pains, or any other unusual sign and symptom present, it is advised to get a thorough check up to look for any abnormality in the lungs. If a nodule or mass is identified in the lungs during a scan then the doctor may suggest a lung needle biopsy to determine the cause of the mass.

Why a Lung Needle Biopsy is performed:

The purpose of a lung needle biopsy is to identify the cause of the mass or nodule present in the lungs, which can help in determining the type and stage of the cancer. It also helps doctors in deciding which treatment is suitable for the patient.