Foreign object - inhaled

Foreign Object Inhaled

Inhaling a foreign body is a medical emergency in which a person unintentionally swallows or inhales an object. When this happens, a doctor must be consulted right away, as the object can be lodged in the throat or lungs, resulting in serious health problems.


Given the risk involved with inhaling foreign objects, preparation is essential to ensure that medical attention is sought out quickly when an object is inhaled. Medical history should be taken into consideration, and if possible, a precautionary x-ray should be taken to confirm the presence of the object. Depending on the object's size and position, it is usually removed surgically.


The procedure for removing a foreign object from the body depends on the size and location of the object. Small objects can usually be removed using an endoscope. A bronchoscope can also be used to remove foreign objects from the lungs. A laryngoscope may also be used to extract objects from the throat.


Foreign objects that a person can inhale can vary in size and shape, and can include but is not limited to small toys, coins, coins, bones, pieces of food, and other items.


The risks of inhaling a foreign object depend on its size and shape. Small objects can become lodged in the throat or lungs, and as a result, can trigger an inflammation or infection. In some cases, they can injure the airways or cause breathing difficulties.

Why it is done?

Foreign object inhalation is done in order to remove an object that is stuck in the throat or lungs. It is important to remove it quickly as it can become lodged and put an individual's health at risk.

When is it done?

Foreign object inhalation is done when an object has been inhaled and cannot be removed by normal means. It must be done as soon as possible to reduce the risk of any complications.