Arm MRI scan

Arm MRI Scan

An arm MRI scan is a safe and painless imaging test that uses magnetic fields and radio waves to create pictures of organs and structures inside your body. It is a technique used by doctors to diagnose and treat medical conditions.

Preparation for Arm MRI Scan

Prior to having an arm MRI scan, there may be some necessary preparations prior to the procedure. Patients may need to remove all jewelry and clothing and put on a hospital gown. Metal objects (such as a wallet or keys) can interfere with the scan so should be left outside the examination room. Certain medications can affect the results of the MRI, so the doctor must be told about any medications that are being taken or any allergies that may occur.

Procedure for Arm MRI Scan

During an arm MRI scan, the patient will lie flat on their back on a bed and the affected limb will be placed inside a cylindrical chamber. It is important to remain still during the scan in order to get the sharpest images possible. The MRI can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the complexity of the scan. During the scan, noise will be heard as the magnetic field aligns with the arm and generates electrical currents.

Types of Arm MRI Scans

Arm MRI scans are most commonly used to diagnose and treat injuries and musculoskeletal problems. Some of the types of scans that can be performed include: wrist MRI scans, shoulder MRI scans, elbow MRI scans, and forearm MRI scans. Additionally, MRI scans can be used to identify and assess the severity of fractures, torn tendons, sprains, arthritis, and other conditions.

Risks of Arm MRI Scans

Arm MRI scans are considered to be very safe. However, there are some rare cases where it can cause nausea, dizziness, or a feeling of pressure around the affected area. People with pacemakers and other metal implants may not be able to undergo a MRI scan. Additionally, there is the potential for exposure to radiation, but this is usually very low.

When to Do an Arm MRI Scan?

An arm MRI scan is usually recommended when there is a medical condition that needs to be diagnosed or treated. This type of scan can be used to detect muscle tears, dislocations, ligament tears, fractures, and bone spurs. Additionally, an MRI can help monitor the progression of a medical condition, such as arthritis, by providing detailed images of the affected area.

Why Do Arm MRI Scans?

Arm MRI scans are an important tool for diagnosing and treating medical conditions. The MRI can provide detailed images of the arm, which can help the doctor diagnose any underlying conditions. Additionally, the MRI can be used to monitor the progress of a medical condition over time.