Locally advanced Thymoma

Locally Advanced Thymoma

Thymoma is a cancer that begins in the thymus, an organ that produces hormones and helps develop the immune system. A locally advanced thymoma is a form of thymoma that has spread from its origianl location and invaded local structures and structures nearby.

Signs & Symptoms of Locally Advanced Thymoma

The signs and symptoms of locally advanced thymoma include:

  • a persistent cough
  • wheezing
  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • fever
  • weight loss
  • swelling of the neck

Diagnosis of Locally Advanced Thymoma

A doctor may diagnose locally advanced thymoma with the following tests:

  • imaging tests, such as a computed tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan
  • a biopsy to examine a sample of thymoma tissue for signs of cancer
  • a chest X-ray to check for suspicious lesions

Treatment of Locally Advanced Thymoma

Treatment for locally advanced thymoma typically involves a combination of surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. A doctor may also suggest other treatments, such as immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or a combination of treatments.


The prognosis for locally advanced thymoma is generally good, but the outcome can depend on how quickly a person seeks treatment, the stage of the cancer, and the underlying factors. With timely treatment, the prognosis can be very good.