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Green capsule: L-carnitine tartrate; anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide; vegetable capsule, colors:  cupric chlorophyllin complex. L-carnitine tartrate: 400 mg White capsule: Vitamin C; zinc gluconate; maltodextrin; vitamin E; Coenzyme Q10; folate; anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate; sodium selenite; vegetable capsule. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): 180 mg Vitamin E (tocopherol): 30 mg Zinc: 15 mg Selenium: 50 mcg Vitamin B9 (folic acid): 200 mcg Coenzyme Q10: 40 mg Between the moment the sperm is ejaculated and the movement the ovum is fertilize, the spermatozoa will first have to climb the mucus that is present on the cervix at the time of ovulation, then swim up the Fallopian tubes using their flagellum. Considering the size of a spermatozoon (0.07mm long), this would be the equivalent of a human travelling from the earth to the moon. The swimmers travel at 50 micrometer’s per second. The journey will take the most agile spermatozoa 45 minutes, whereas the slowest will need 12 hours.This selection depends on the spermatozoon’s ability to move (its motility) but also on its morphology which allows it to pass without difficulty through the filtering mesh of the cervical mucus. Several tens of millions of spermatozoa arrive at the cervical mucus but only a few thousand of them will make it to within range of the ovum and only one will finally manage to fertilize the oocyte.When they reach the ovum, the surviving spermatozoa try to forge a path for themselves. To do this, they hit the surface of the ovum with their acrosome. This mini chemical bomb made up of active enzymes dissolves a part of the ovum’s protective outer layer to create an opening. The chosen spermatozoon threads its way inside, whipping about with its flagellum. Once it has penetrated the ovum, the door closes again to prevent any other spermatozoon from entering.Inside the ovum, the genetic material contained in the head of the spermatozoon merges with that of the ovum. The following day, 23 pairs of chromosomes are formed by 23 chromosomes from the ovum combining with 23 chromosomes from the spermatozoon. The embryo is born. After eight weeks, the embryo will become a fetus. And your child will arrive seven month later.L-Carnitine Tartrate: Carnitine is essential for sperm to mature in the testicles.Vitamine C (Ascorbic Acid): Vitamin C helps to protect cells against oxidative stress.Vitamin E (Tocopherol): Vitamin E helps to protect cells against oxidative stress.Zinc: Contributes to normal reproduction and fertility. Contributes to normal DNA synthesis. Helps to protect cells against oxidative stressSelenium: Selenium aids normal spermatogenesis: Help protect cells against oxidative stressVitamin B9 (Folic Acid): Sperm concentrationCo-enzyme Q10: Helps to protect cells against oxidative stress.

Trade Name Emvit
Generic Antioxidants and Micronutrients
Type Capsule, Syrup
Therapeutic Class Anti-oxidant Multivitamin Multimineral preparations
Manufacturer Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd
Available Country India
Last Updated: September 19, 2023 at 7:00 am


This is a dietary supplement specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of men wishing to have a child. This combination of antioxidants and micronutrients contributes to: healthy fertility and reproduction (zinc), normal spermatogenesis (selenium) and synthesis of DNA (zinc), the protection of cells against oxidative stress (vitamins C, E, selenium). This is a simple and safe way of helping you to have healthy, good quality sperm as it provides the nutritional elements that are necessary to protect and improve your sperm's performance.


Emvit dosage

For to be effective, take 2 capsules per day (1 white+1 green) for a minimum of 3 months, i.e. the average time it takes for the spermatozoa to mature (72 days) plus the 25 days required for them to be able to fertilize. 3 boxes for a 3 months course of treatment. Do not take more than the prescribed daily dose. Using this food supplement does not replace the balance of the variety of foods important to a healthy diet. Inform your doctor of any unwanted or troublesome side-effect.


The ingredients of this preparation have been authorized by the European Union and scientifically validated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

  • Do not leave within reach of children.
  • Do not take more than the prescribed daily dose.
  • Using this food supplement does not replace the balance of the variety of food important to a healthy diet.
  • Inform your doctor of any unwanted or troublesome side effect

Storage Condition

Keep below 30°C temperature, away from light & moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.

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